The Test Day

Today I will share what I’ve done because I had just finished my IELTS test. *fyuh*. Firstly, I never thought it will be this hard. As I learned from books and past papers, I thought I could (quite) easily get through this. Well, it was challenging and depressing.

The reading part.
Yes, we did the reading part first, not the listening part. Nothing’s wrong with this part. But keeping our endurance to read those njelimet passages is needed best effort. I experienced a bad headache in the last passage, followed by declining concentration.

The listening part.
I hoped this part could be my highest score gainer. Coz I practiced a lot on this part. But unfortunately I loss some parts. The last 10 questions talked ’bout archeology, and I hardly kept focus on that passage. Yeah I loss some parts. Hoping that’ll not reduce my mark too much…

The writing part.
Thanks God they gave us charts in the first task. For me it’ll be easier describing charts or graphs instead of explaining a process or cycle. The second task is about economic growth on developing countries. Arguing about the presence of foreign companies in the countries and so on. I think this is the most promising part for me.

The speaking part.
Well, what can I say? The interviewer is a native of course. He’s a humble old man, listened patiently of what I said. And I tried with all my efforts to understand every question he asked. That’s quite hard. Whether it’s me who weren’t a good listener or it’s him who spoke too fast and unclear. I tried to speak flawless (or at least flaw less), but I think I couldn’t do this part as good as I did. Firstly he asked about my personal life, that’s easy I can did it well. And he continued to asked me about my passion in language. Such as what languages I speak, why I want to learn those languages, etc. I can still handle this. Next, he gave me question about experiencing a bad weather (that led me to a bad feeling…). I have to talk about it in 2 minutes, I think I finished it too fast. Afterward, he asked me about climate change. *dhuarr*. Why it has to be climate change??! *#?!*&$#. When my friend was being asked about future husband and wife, why I have to discuss ’bout climate change?? Whyyy oh whyyyy??!! (okay stop it dramaqueen!). It seemed like my words are gone, I have no idea of what to talk. Shortly, this is an unsatisfying part.

However, I did my best for this test. I put my best efforts. All I need to do is just waiting for the result. #prayforAR :’)


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