Social Media

I’m right now getting really upset on how social media drive our way of life. Here, we’re living in the world where personal things become public consumption. Don’t get me wrong, don’t ever think for a second that i’m the one avoiding an interaction with socmed. In fact, i can be classified as an addicted one. I had whatever now most famous socmed  installed in my phone. That’s why i’m really annoyed, to my own self probably.

We’re now getting used to share our personal thoughts, stories, or even some kind of feelings or secret. We let anybody knows what’s going on, what we feel, what happen. And worse, most of them seeing are the ones we don’t really know in person. It’s now easy to know some info about our friends or even families, with only some clicks or touch. The wall page or timelines give much more information than what they tell to us. They just don’t want to tell us personally. Instead, they update status.

What is going on here? We give a huge privilege to “friends” by giving less respect to our closest ones.

At this point, we’re not only losing our privacy, but also intimacy. But, who cares? People become more comfortable engaging to this weird relationship. A relationship with hundreds of likes, loves, or retweets. As if they really care. Sadly, most don’t really care, they just curious.

It is started to be admitted that we feel we know someone through their socmed. I can say it might be true. Your thoughts, way of thinking, or passion could be reflected on what you write on those. But sometimes it becomes too naive that we believe (like, seriously believe) those all perfectly reflect one’s personality and life. We give too much weight on what is presented in the screen when judging. And trust it. And feel like it’s no need to be confirmed.

I can’t say i will stop these socmed thingy, no ofcourse not (i even doubt if i can leave them!) :p but sometimes those things are pissed me off. And it’s getting me tired. Like, too much information more than needed. I’m just trying to appreciate more who sit and stand with me. Who can give me a real touch. Or at least a personal talk. Put more effort to meet up and have each other’s laugh. Appreciate those who’s been here with me. Not always physically, but i know their presence is real. I wanna read more book and less timeline.

Maybe that’s all.

(Nb: also, socmed tricks on me. It made me think that i had already write something, just because i typed some passages sometimes, well it’s actually not. I need to write more.)


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